Studio K.F.A. was founded in 1990 on the basis of the initiative of two recent graduates of the Faculty of Architecture STU, Norbert Šmondrk and Katarína Schwarzová. It established itself as one of the first independent post-revolutionary platforms to start working in the field of architecture and design outside of the decaying state design studios. This is one reason K.F.A. has become the epicentre of a new way of thinking in architecture, attracting many ambitious young architects here to gain their first work experience. However, one more dimension was added to the professional interests of Studio K.F.A. For more than ten years, the first private gallery of Architecture and Design in Slovakia was situated at the company headquarters on Karpatská 11 in Bratislava. The activities of the Studio, which were positively reviewed in professional critiques, became some of the most important moments in the history of modern architecture in Slovakia.

The work of Studio K.F.A. is mainly characterized by two concepts - sober geometric abstraction and complexity. Its leitmotif is purity of form and clear spatial order, but not at the expense of the positive general experience that good architecture should always convey. The creative approach is based on sound pragmatism accompanied with full responsibility to the client.

The years of experience and references of Studio K.F.A. are evenly distributed between architecture, interior design and product design. The stable interdisciplinary team can provide comprehensive, high-quality solutions of varying difficulty and complexity, with a range that might include a large residential complex, a family villa or a porcelain cup. Each project represents a separate chapter and the opportunity to do things differently and better.

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